Answers to frequent customer questions

Questions about VAT

Why is a 22% VAT displayed?

Amaiora is a business located in Italy, where VAT is 22%.

How can I purchase free of VAT as a corporate customer?

Please create a customer account with your sales tax ID before you order. Please let us know before the first order if you want to shop as a corporate customer. We will then check the VAT ID number and unlock the VAT-exempt purchase.

Questions about functions of the website

Why does nothing happen when I click on some buttons?

Some websites may not load if Mozilla Firefox is used as browser and if "All detected activity tracking elements" is selected in the Privacy & Security settings. If the selection is cancelled, all buttons work perfectly. Activity tracking simply means that we can see what content a visitor is looking at. This information is anonymous, meaning that we do not know who the visitor is, but we can only see that there is a visitor.

How can I sign in and out?

At the top right of each page it is possible to sign in by clicking on "Login" and to sign out by clicking on "logout".

How do I open a customer account?

A customer account can be opened from any page at the top right by clicking on "Login" and then on "Register".

How can I change my customer data?

In the customer account, customer data such as password, billing and delivery addresses can be changed. If you are logged in, the customer account can be reached by clicking on "My Account" at the top right of each page.

How can I change my password?

The password can be changed in the customer account under "Change password" by clicking on "My account" at the top right of each page.

How do I add an item to my cart?

From the product page, a product can be added to the shopping cart by clicking on "Add to cart". If an item has been added to the shopping cart, this will be displayed next to the shopping cart icon on each page at the top right. By clicking on the shopping cart you can view the items in the shopping cart.

How can I change the shopping cart

By clicking on the shopping cart at the top right of each page, the shopping cart is opened. From here, the amount of the article can be changed by overwriting the displayed amount. By clicking on the yellow button "Update" the new quantity is confirmed, if the article is still available. By clicking on "remove" an item can be removed from the shopping cart.

Can I change my order?

A once placed order cannot be changed, but you have the option to revoke it. More information can be found on the Revocation page.

Questions about the security of websites

Is the use of this website safe?

This website is based on a solid German program, which is one of the leading e-commerce solutions in Germany and has been successfully used for companies of all sizes for over 15 years. This website is hosted by one of the largest hosting providers in Germany, which is characterized by quality and data protection "Made in Germany" and also hosts renowned companies.

For additional data security, Amaiora uses an SSL certificate for the entire website, which encrypts the data and makes it unreadable for third parties.

For a more secure use of the Internet in general, regardless of the visited websites, the following measures are recommended:

• Use of a regularly updated anti-virus program for the computer, for the tablet PC and for smartphones

• Regular updating of all programs used because old versions are more vulnerable

• Uninstall unused programs and files

• Regularly create backup copies of all important data on the computer itself

• Do not use the same password anywhere

• Change passwords regularly

• Use passwords that are hard to guess, such as those with special characters

• Never let your browser store your own passwords

• Never save your own password on the computer

• Delete the chronology of the websites visited and the cookies after each internet visit  

Questions about comments and reviews

Where can I leave comments and reviews?

From each product page, logged in users can leave comments and reviews either by clicking "customer reviews" below the product name or below the product photos under Product reviews. A rating with stars only without a short text will not be saved by the system. 

Product reviews help other visitors to shop.

If you have received a discount for a product review, please state when writing your review that you have received a discount voucher.

Where can I read comments and reviews left by other users?

Comments and ratings that users have left on products can be viewed on each product page below the product photos under "Product reviews".

Questions on how to share products on social media platforms

How can I share a product on social media platforms?

Each product can be shared from the product page by clicking the respective button of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Xing, LinkedIn and Add This. The use of the functions of social media platforms is subject to their data protection regulations.  

Questions about finding products

How do I find a specific product?

In the menu bar a product can be searched by kind, color, model and fabric. Alternatively, it is possible to use the search window at the top of each page.

How do I find matching products?

If we have products that match others, we usually show them on the respective product page in the "Matching items" section.

Questions about the care of products

How do I properly care for fine linen?

In order to enjoy your fine bed linen as long as possible, you can always read the exact care instructions of your product on the product page in the section "Specifications".

Questions about the loyalty discount

What is a loyalty discount?

A loyalty discount is a discount that is applied to new orders if a customer has already purchased goods for a certain amount.

What kind of loyalty discount is offered and what does it depend on?

If you have already ordered goods for a total value of € 300.00, you will receive a loyalty discount of 5% for new orders.

How can I claim a loyalty discount?

In order to take advantage of a loyalty discount, you must log in as a customer with your access data at the top right of the page before ordering.

Once you have logged in, the reduced prices will automatically be shown.

How can I see which loyalty discount I have?

Simply look at the price difference before and after logging in.

Once you have logged in and are entitled to a loyalty discount, the reduced prices will be displayed automatically.

Can I combine a promotional code or gift voucher with a loyalty discount?

When ordering, you can combine a gift voucher with a loyalty discount, but not a promotional code.

Can I use my loyalty discount to buy a gift voucher?

No, that is not possible.

Does the loyalty discount also apply to shipping costs?

No, the loyalty discount only applies to the value of the goods.

Questions about promotional vouchers

What is a promotional voucher?

A promotional voucher is a voucher that only applies to a specific promotion, for example a discount.

A promotional voucher may be limited in time and to an order or to specific customers.

Unlike gift vouchers, a promotional code cannot be purchased.

How can I redeem a promotional voucher?

A promotional voucher can be entered when ordering, like a voucher number.

A promotional voucher must be entered in the shopping cart, in the lower left box in the first step "Shopping cart overview".

Click on "Redeem voucher" to enter the promotional voucher.

Can a promotional voucher be paid out?

No, a promotional voucher cannot be paid out.

Can I also apply the promotional voucher to the shipping costs?

No, a promotional voucher cannot be used for shipping costs.

Is a promotional voucher also valid if I want to buy a gift voucher?

No, a promotional voucher does not apply to the purchase of gift vouchers.

Can I combine a promotional voucher with other promotional vouchers and/or gift vouchers?

No, unfortunately.

Questions about revocation and returns - withdrawals

How can I return an item?

If our delivery gives rise to a complaint, we will try to fix any inconvenience that has occurred as soon as possible. Below you will find a return form and instructions for returning items.

We would like to ask you to use this form for your return and to follow the instructions provided. With this you help us to process your returns more quickly and to avoid frequently occurring misunderstandings.

With a click on the button you can open the return form and then print it.


Questions about shipping

Where is my order?

As soon as the order has been handed over to UPS, you will receive an e-mail from us with information on tracking the shipment online. In your customer account, under "Order History" it shows whether the items have been sent.

How can I enter an alternative delivery address?

In the second order step of the shopping basket, an alternative delivery address can be entered. The default is "Use billing address as delivery address". By clicking on the checkmark, the default is deactivated and input fields for the alternative delivery address will be displayed.

What shipping methods are there?

All deliveries are made by the service provider UPS in the standard delivery mode.

How expensive is shipping?

For information about shipping costs please see the list of countries we currently ship to on the payment & shipment page.

Questions about payment

How can I pay my order?

The following payment methods are offered: Bank transfer and PayPal. 

Pay Pal can be used for orders below 200 €.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a payment provider and offers the possibility to pay easily, quickly and securely online. PayPal has approximately 128 million customer accounts worldwide and is used in 193 countries. Orders can also be paid with the credit card via PayPal. Open a customer account for free and deposit your credit card number or bank details once on the secure PayPal servers. For your purchases, only your e-mail and password will be required. The details of your credit card and the bank account are not accessible to Amaiora nor are they stored by us.  

Please note that our suppliers are on company vacation in August and we can process incoming orders related to that period only after their return. Therefore, there will be temporarily longer delivery times for our products. We thank you for your understanding.