How Amaiora was born

I am Lars "Lorenzo" Klumb, designer and founder of Amaiora. Since my teenage years I have had a passion for beauty, for quality and for Italy.

This led me to study fashion design in Hamburg and postgraduate studies to become a "Spécialiste en Management du Textile et de la Mode" as a scholarship student at the Institut Francais de la Mode (IFM) in Paris. The IFM is the best fashion business school in the world according to the ranking of The Business of Fashion. During my education, I pursued assignments at Jil Sander and Polo Ralph Lauren, and then I worked at Givenchy, Levis, Sorelle Fontana, Loro Piana and Frette in Rome.

For the prestigious Italian company Frette, I worked for several years as the store manager of one of the most important branches in Italy in the field of luxury bed linen. I was fascinated by the quality of the products. The high prices are understandable, as they operate luxury stores in prime locations.

When I heard about new internet business models and on-demand concepts, I came up with the idea of Amaiora to offer luxury bedding as an e-tailer rather than a retailer. In doing so, I am incorporating my e-commerce experience in high-quality handcrafted Italian home accessories, in addition to my experience in product development and retail. 

The name Amaiora is derived from the Latin "Ad Maiora". This means something like "Do it better". This reflects the company's philosophy of always wanting to do better in general. 

Product development and on-demand production take place in Italy, a country with centuries of weaving tradition and worldwide fame for fabrics and fashion. The beauty of Amaiora's products lie in simple, timeless styles and the quality of the finest fabrics.

Sophisticated people enjoy better things. Envelop and relax in noble bedding and sleep nobly like the elite - without spending a fortune. That's exactly what we exist for.

I hope that Amaiora and its luxurious goods will stimulate your senses and you will find things to enhance your nights. 

Sleep like the elite with our italian luxury bedding. Being an e-tailer, you save up to 50% compared to similar products in traditional luxury shops. 

Please note that our suppliers are on company vacation in August and we can process incoming orders related to that period only after their return. Therefore, there will be temporarily longer delivery times for our products. We thank you for your understanding.