This is our luxury model Nobilis Custom Stripe. This has a customizable and linear stripe on the side of the bed linen in a percale made of fine, extra-long fibers. There is no higher category than extra-long staple cotton fibers. This small but fine detail gives the bed linen a special touch.

You can customize Nobilis Custom Stripe according to your wishes. For the stripe you can choose from several colors to find the one that suits you and your ambience best.

The production of such fine fibers accounts for only about 2% of the worldwide cotton production (Source: ICAC, 2015). For these fabrics, two-ply yarns are used for more durability. To weave such fine yarns into such uniform fabrics you need first-class weavers.  

White. A neutral white.

Ivory. A light and subtle shade, slightly warmer than white.

Beach. A beige like sandy beach.

Color gold. A warm, slightly yellowish beige tone.

Color copper. A red-brown, comfortable warm tone.

Olive green. A warm, somewhat darkened yellowish green.

Vintage light blue. A delicate calm sky blue with patina.

Navy Blue. A calm and strong dark blue.

Color vintage silver. An elegant and discreet light grey with patina.

Dark grey. A strong rich dark gray.

Black. A dominant black color.

Please note that our suppliers are on company vacation in August and we can process incoming orders related to that period only after their return. Therefore, there will be temporarily longer delivery times for our products. We thank you for your understanding.